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Wayfinding as an integrated part of your brand identity

Wayfinding is an important part of your brand identity, even if your logo is not visible on the signs. Great wayfinding is both functional and a perfect opportunity to add value to your brand. When you direct your visitors in a simple and natural way to their destination, you positively influence how they experience your brand.

Directing various visitor streams to their final destination can be a challenge. Take a hospital, for example, where patients and visitors, as well as staff and suppliers, must be guided in an organised way. We know exactly how to develop routing and wayfinding for complex environments, and we are happy to advise you on the best solutions both inside and outside your buildings!

We help you to add value to your brand by optimally responding to the customer journey.

Wayfinding for an optimal customer journey

The customer journey is the journey your (potential) customer takes in the orientation, purchase and use of your product or service. Wayfinding is an inseparable part of this journey. It starts as soon as the customer orientates on your product or on visiting one of your locations. It continues during the trip to your location, via navigation or public signs. Upon arrival at your location, customers expect to see a confirmation that they have reached their destination, for example in the form of façade signage.

Once inside your building, customers want to be directed to their final destination quickly and effortlessly, whether this is a waiting room, reception area or a certain department in your store. Avoid frustrating your (potential) customers by making the customer journey as natural as possible. Well thought out routing is essential, but how you direct your visitors is decisive as well. Great wayfinding is easy to read and striking enough to lead the way. However, it may not detract from the architecture of the building and must match your brand identity.

Our wayfinding specialists have experience with complex buildings and can help you to develop the routing and the design of the signs and with optimising the entire customer journey. We will also advise you on the possibilities for integrating mobile applications and other digital solutions.


Maintenance and control

How do you keep your wayfinding up-to-date? This requires a special approach, especially in complex environments. Routes will often change, which means that the wayfinding must be adjusted. Detailed documentation of the routing and all wayfinding elements enables you to quickly determine the implications of the new route. If there are many internal relocations in an organisation, as in a hospital, we would suggest going for a wayfinding system that you can easily adapt yourself.

We help you to add value to your brand by optimally responding to the customer journey.

Ask us how we can optimise your wayfinding!

Let your brand work for you!

Your brand stands for your ambition. That means the implementation must be in line with your vision and organisational strategy. Together, we will successfully implement your brand identity and add value to your brand. We ensure continuity in your brand appearance and assist you with practical advice.

Are you wondering how your brand can work for you on various brand identity elements? Read more about the rebranding of your vehicles, signage, clothing and various office solutions.


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