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Vehicles: Travelling billboards

Your company vehicles are always on the road and seen by many people, hence the term ‘travelling billboards’. It is a missed opportunity if your brand is not optimally implemented on your vehicles.

Precisely because company cars are often on the road, the implementation and maintenance of your brand identity is a challenge. Therefore, good logistical preparation and planning are indispensable. You want to prevent the operational activities of your organisation from being delayed during the rebranding. Thanks to our experience, we can organise the process in such a way that your daily activities are disturbed as little as possible, without causing a delay in planning or an increase in costs.

Wondering what the impact of a rebranding is for your organisation?

Size and structure of your fleet

Before you can start with the rebranding of your fleet, you need a detailed understanding of the scale of your project. Therefore, the first thing we do is to analyse the current situation. In addition to numbers and types of vehicles and equipment, we examine the current state of your fleet. For example, we assess to what extent the cars are damaged, whether we can easily remove the current brand identity and what the current location of the vehicles is.

Generally, your fleet manager has a reliable overview of your fleet. Together, we ensure that the final details become clear. The right tooling, like CI-Control, helps us to register the entire fleet in detail. When the analysis of the current situation is complete, we have a complete report on your fleet including contact information of drivers, location, and employability.

All data from the analysis influence the required budget and affect the planning of the rebranding. Together with you, we determine the best strategy for your brand.


Maintenance and control

Unfortunately, we cannot (yet) prevent damage to vehicles. So how do you ensure that your brand identity is correctly applied in case of a damage repair?

The interests of both operational and marketing teams are involved in repairing damage to vehicles. Operational departments want to have the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible, and so do you, under the condition that the brand identity has correctly been applied. We help you and your fleet manager to organise the damage repair process in such a way that the correct application of your brand, even after damage, is easy and quick and workable for everyone.

By using the proper tooling, you or your fleet manager can easily manage the vehicle fleet and plan the damage repair online, order brand identity elements and check whether the work was performed properly.

Let your brand work for you!

Your brand stands for your ambition. That means the implementation must be in line with your vision and organisational strategy. Together, we will successfully implement your brand identity and add value to your brand. We ensure continuity in your brand appearance and assist you with practical advice.

Are you wondering how your brand can work for you on various brand identity elements? Read more about the rebranding of your vehicles, signage, wayfinding and various office solutions.


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