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Signage: Value engineering enhances brand value

What is involved in the rebranding of the signage at your locations? At first glance, it seems simple to just remove the old logo and apply the new one. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. And if you do it this way, you miss the opportunity to increase the value of your brand by value engineering.

Value engineering is a process in which we determine the best execution of your signage. In consultation with you, we will choose materials and methods that improve your brand experience. In addition, we determine the best position and dimensions for every location. We do this based on visibility, optimal reading distance and the local conditions. With value engineering, we will make your signage low-maintenance or maintenance-free.

Wondering what the impact of a rebranding is for your organisation?

Maintenance and control

Despite the process of value engineering, signage is still an important factor in managing your brand identity. Think, for instance, about applying your brand to new items. And how do you cope with relocations, openings and closures of your locations? However your organisation evolves, your brand identity evolves in the same direction.

How do you handle the management of the signage at different locations? Is it better to make each location responsible for its own signage or is it preferable to maintain centralised control? Do you work with contracted suppliers for all signage, or do you decide this per situation? In all cases, detailed guidelines for applying your brand identity and the availability of these guidelines are essential to maintain your brand appearance and to build a strong brand.

We have tooling available in which you can optimally manage the signage of all your locations. Especially when working with a large variety of locations and brand expressions, tooling like CI-Control ensures that you maintain optimal control. You can easily monitor the signage you have available in stock, so you can respond quickly to requests for signage as needed. We are happy to help you organise the management and maintenance of your branding!


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Your brand stands for your ambition. That means the implementation must be in line with your vision and organisational strategy. Together, we will successfully implement your brand identity and add value to your brand. We ensure continuity in your brand appearance and assist you with practical advice.

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