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Brand Retail Services

The interior design of your stores is essential for the general brand experience and to bring attention to (new) products and services. Your stores are the perfect business card to create the ultimate brand experience. To inspire, convince and surprise your visitors. Digitisation offers many possibilities but also sets new demands on brand touchpoints in stores.

If we combine that with the increasing degree of internationalisation of brands, we see that organisations need support to gain control over the brand experience in their stores, both fixed brand elements and periodic campaigns. With the help of the right tooling and the deployment of Local Heroes we help you to get and maintain this control.

Curious about how we can deploy our campaign fulfilment services to shorten the time-to-market of your campaign and increase the quality?

Reduce the time-to-market

Nowadays it is increasingly important for brands to be relevant and distinctive. With the ever-changing and increasing expectations of consumers, it is now more important than ever to implement a new store concept or campaign in all stores as quickly as possible.

Thanks to our reliable network of Local Heroes, we ensure a considerably reduced time-to-market without compromising on quality. Our partners in this network can be deployed flexibly and deliver the quality that you may expect. We also use online tooling, such as CI-Control or myBrand. This way we keep store profiles up-to-date, we optimise processes and we prevent errors and miscommunication. Our structured and proven working method offers you the possibility to realise more campaigns per year.

Een kortere time-to-market RGN

Local control worldwide

Creating and implementing a campaign is a costly and time-consuming process. We are continuously surprised that many organisations don’t know how their campaign is actually perceived by the store visitors. We understand that gaining insight into the execution of the campaign is challenging. It is impossible to physically visit all of your stores, especially when they are scattered over multiple countries or even continents. Our tooling and international network of Local Heroes make it possible to gain control on a local level.

We will immediately upload photos after the installation, and notify you that the location is completed. This allows you to instantly assess whether the execution is correct. With the well-organised dashboard, you can always view the progress of the total implementation. You maintain control over the entire campaign, from development to execution.

Curious about how we can deploy our campaign fulfilment services to shorten the time-to-market of your campaign and increase the quality? Request your quotation here!

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