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Brand Identity Orientation

Brand consistency is very key in building brand value. Therefore, it is important to frequently gain insight into how your brand and branded assets performs. We help you measure, monitor and evaluate your brand performance. So, what is required to enhance brand compliancy and consistency? How to ensure that the rebrand adds value to building the brand? What is the expected impact of the rebrand?

  • What does a new brand identity cost?
  • How do you organize, both internally and externally, a rebranding?
  • What is the (potential) impact of a new or evolved brand identity?
  • How do you gain insight into opportunities, improvements and pitfalls when rebranding?
  • Their creative solutions resulted in great savings.
Brand Identity Orientation Services

Agency Selection

Organizations renew or update their brand identity every 8-10 years. Lacking a thorough knowledge of the design market and the agency landscape is perfectly understandable. We do have this market intelligence and, as part of our advisory services, can assist you in searching and ultimately selecting the most suitable design agency that understands your market, your business, and that can successfully develop your new brand program.

Getting a grip on rebranding

Tom Dijk, brand expert and consultant, has been active within this field of expertise for 15+ years and has supported hundreds of corporates and SMEs to prepare for a rebranding.

“Through preparation forms the basis for a successful rebranding. The moment an organization knows what needs to be done, how much time and money is involved and what obstacles may be encountered, then the project has a foothold. Any implementation decision can only then be taken well-informed. Any other way leads to unwanted surprises.”