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Brand Identity Management

A coherently implemented brand identity is a precondition for best brand perception. It is extremely important to keep monitoring the brand performance of your branded assets in this permanently evolving environment to keep your brand in top shape. We manage and maintain the brand appearance of all your branded assets: from printed matter to signing. From office applications to vehicles.

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Signage management & maintenance

We manage and maintain all physical branded assets on behalf of you: we will ensure that your brand identity is always compliant and in perfect shape, on all facades, in all cases. We are your guarantee for a coherent and consistent brand appearance at all your locations.


Your brand identity can always become more eco-friendly. We advise you on how to achieve the same visual outcome thereby using environmentally friendly materials and techniques. A lot can be achieved. Benefit from the direct line we have with innovative market parties and from the thorough knowledge we have of the market.

A cohesive brand appearance. Always and everywhere.

Joost Nijland, co-founder of RGN, advises clients on how to effectively develop and implement a brand identity, and on how to best secure the dynamics a brand and its identity should have in organizations.

“Do not just approach brand identity management from a policing perspective but facilitate your people by guidelines and templates that leave enough room for their own interpretation within the established limits of the brand identity. Our in-house developed brand portal platform,, provides such opportunities resulting in users not feeling limited when applying the brand identity. That is the right way to go.”