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Brand Identity Management

How do you keep your brand in top condition after the new or adapted corporate identity been implemented? How do you ensure a consistent appearance on all brand touchpoints in a constantly changing environment?

By actively managing and maintaining your corporate identity, you prevent brand fading and your organisation retains the right image. Organisations that work on their brand identity with true dedication and implement their corporate style consistently perform better. A uniformly implemented brand identity improves the recognisability of your organisation for your employees, customers and other target groups and ensures a great first impression! We are happy to help you professionalise your brand identity management in order to create and maintain the ultimate brand experience.

Request a demo of CI-Control and discover how much easier you can manage your brand!

Brand maintenance starts with brand implementation

The maintenance of your brand starts with the choices you make during the implementation phase. For instance, when you choose maintenance-friendly materials and techniques, maintaining your brand identity will be more efficient, more affordable and much easier.

Making conscious choices could in some cases mean opting for more expensive materials when the outcome is a reduction in maintenance costs. With our practical knowledge and experience, we will advise you on how to make those decisions so that ultimately we will significantly reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO) of your brand identity.

Make it easy to work with your brand identity

Make your brand identity accessible and easy to work with for yourself, your colleagues, creative agencies, and suppliers. You can do this by establishing clear guidelines, rules and order procedures.

Based on this notion, we have developed CI-Control based on our experience. CI-Control is an online platform specifically aimed at the management of physical brand touchpoints. With this tooling, you ensure that everyone applies the brand identity correctly and that your brand experience remains optimal everywhere.

Brand ambassadors

The most important ambassadors for your organisation are your employees. They are the face of your organisation and make an important contribution to the overall brand experience. During a rebranding, but especially afterwards, your employees are the ones who apply the brand identity in daily practice. That is why it is particularly important to communicate internally what your brand stands for, which image is aimed for and how it should be applied consistently.

Maak werken met uw huisstijl makkelijk RGN

Prevent brand fading by turning your employees into brand ambassadors and facilitating them in properly applying the corporate identity, without making the daily work more complicated. We know how operational processes work and seamlessly integrate the correct application of your brand.

Let your brand work for you!

Your brand stands for your ambition and should be aligned with this ambition, your vision and the organisational strategy. A powerful brand is created by consistency and uniformity in all brand touchpoints. This means that, after the implementation phase, you should actively manage and maintain your brand. Together with you and your employees, we prevent brand fading and add value to your overall brand appearance.

Wondering how we can help you to keep your brand healthy? Read about the maintenance and control of various brand touchpoints.


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