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Brand Identity Implementation

A rebranding is rarely a goal in itself, but the result of a name change, repositioning, merger or takeover. The implementation of a new brand identity is a major project that can only succeed with careful preparation.

If done right, a rebranding is the moment to add value to your brand. And we are happy to advise you to accomplish this because implementing brands is our core business and our speciality.

Wondering what the impact of a rebranding is for your organisation?

Brand consultancy and project management

Since an organisation on average changes its logo or brand identity only once in seven years, a rebranding is probably not part of your daily job. Chances are that you will only experience it once in your career! Many organisations, therefore, do not have the experience and knowledge to efficiently implement a new brand identity.

It is quite normal that there are many questions when your organisation decides to rebrand. Because where to start? Which brand touchpoints do you need to adjust? All or just a few? Which design agency should you hire? And what is the best implementation strategy for your budget and the available time? All relevant questions, which our brand consultants can help you to answer. They know exactly where you should pay attention to during the preparation and planning of the project.

Wat kost een nieuwe huisstijl RGN

Our experience has shown that it is best that our consultants can advise you as early in the process as possible. That allows us to streamline the project and to lower the project costs! We have an independent position and extensive knowledge of the field. Therefore, we can assist you in the selection of a design agency, in the practical assessment of designs and, if desired, in writing a tender. And during the actual implementation, our experienced project managers are ready to steer the project in the right direction, with the least possible tension for you!

What is the price tag on a new brand identity?

That is one of the most frequently asked questions during the preparation of a rebranding. A question that cannot be answered in advance, as many factors determine the final price tag. Broadly speaking, there are two important investments; the costs for the new positioning and/or the new design and the costs for the implementation. Our experience shows that the costs for brand identity implementation are on average 15 to 20 times more than the expenses for a repositioning or a new design.

Of course, this rough rule of thumb does not apply to every rebranding process. The required budget depends on, among other things, the size of your organisation, the number of brand touchpoints, the available time, and the complexity of the project. Therefore, we help our clients to make a reliable budget in advance. By conducting an impact analysis we can give you a detailed insight into the expected costs, lead time, pressure on the internal organisation and potential pitfalls. All based on actual data from your organisation.

The Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)

A rebranding often requires large investments, in money as well as in time and effort. However, it is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate processes and materials, to organise them and to improve them. Thanks to many years of experience, we are often able to reduce the TCO of a brand identity. We make working with your brand more efficient, easier and more affordable, thereby reducing the annual costs for your brand identity. This allows us to help you to achieve a maximum Return on Investment

Good preparation is half the work

Most clichés are true. Proper preparation is a critical part of a successful rebranding. As stated before, there are many questions that need to be answered when you prepare for a rebranding. To answer these questions, we have developed the impact analysis. This analysis gives a comprehensive insight into the scope and impact of a rebranding. The result of this preliminary investigation is a report that provides a detailed overview of the budgetary, organisational and technical impact of a brand implementation, specific to your organisation. The impact analysis gives you everything you need for responsible decision making and is a valuable guideline to fall back on so that you can adjust the process in a targeted manner if necessary.

Let your brand work for you!

Your brand stands for your ambition. The implementation of your brand identity must be aligned with this ambition, your vision and the organisational strategy. In the design phase, the image of your company is determined by the sum of all brand touchpoints, such as the logo, the brand colours, the type font and the design style. An uncarefully performed implementation can completely destroy the well-thought-out design. A powerful brand is created by consistency and uniformity across all brand touchpoints. You need specialists to achieve that. Together with you and your employees, we ensure a successful implementation and add value to your brand.

Are you wondering how your brand can work for you on various brand identity elements? Read more about the rebranding of your vehicles, signage, wayfinding, clothing and various office solutions.


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