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Implementing and managing your brand identity or campaign is complex, time-consuming and expensive. These investments in time, money and effort are lost if your brand is not properly implemented or managed. With our method, we increase efficiency and guarantee uniformity. And in doing so we add value to your brand. We specialise in everything that is related to brand identity and help your brand to a higher level. Read more about our three services: Brand Identity Implementation, Brand Identity Management and Brand Retail Services or contact one of our advisers directly.

Brand Identity Implementation
RGN service rebranding

On average, an organisation changes its logo or brand identity once every seven years. So implementing a new brand is definitely not part of the daily work. There is even a big chance that you will only experience it once in your career! It is therefore quite normal that there are questions when your organisation decides to rebrand. Because where to start? Which brand touchpoints need to be adjusted? Which implementation strategy fits with our budget and the available time? All relevant questions that must be answered. We help you to find out what impact a rebranding has on your organisation.

Brand Identity Management
RGN service huisstijl onderhoud en beheer

How do you ensure that your brand continues to work for you? A brand and the accompanying brand touchpoints are constantly changing, new means of communication are being added or elements are being adjusted or removed. By actively managing your brand, your organisation maintains the right appearance and your brand touchpoints will always look perfect. With our management services, we help you maintain and control your brand in a manageable, affordable and effective way. With the least possible concern for you.

Brand Retail Services
RGN service campaign fulfilment

The interior design of your stores is essential for the general brand experience and to bring attention to (new) products and services. Digitalisation offers many opportunities but also sets new demands on brand expressions in stores. If we combine that with the increasing degree of internationalisation of brands, we see that organisations need support to gain control over the implementation of their campaigns. With the help of the right tooling and our global network of Local Heroes, we help you to gain and maintain control of the visual appearance in your stores.