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Project Description

Uniper a hard deadline

In 2015, E.On was on the eve of one of the largest business divisions in Germany. The organisation has housed its coal and gas plants and associated activities in the new Uniper organisation. RGN brand identity services ensured a well-organised rebranding within the budget and before the deadline expired.


  • A large number of locations spread throughout Germany
  • Intensive communication and coordination with all sites
  • Hard deadline

Communication and coordination

In total, the new Uniper brand had to be implemented at nearly 200 locations. The biggest challenge during the rebranding was the management of the project. With this number of job sites, communication and coordination are essential and time-consuming activities. With our approach, in which CI-Control was indispensable, we have automated, structured and registered a large part of all communications. Which ensured the necessary time gain. By registering everything in one central place, the state and planning of all locations was immediately apparent to all parties involved. CI-Control was the ideal tool for scheduling both inventory and installation visits and the coordination of the visual appearance of all locations.

Rebranding Uniper door RGN


CI-Control helped us to organise the project for Uniper as efficiently as possible and to schedule all activities optimally. As a result of the inventory, Uniper and we had a global estimate of the type and amount of signs we needed from the sign family designed by Metadesign. We required agreement from all locations on the layout before we could start production.  By disconnecting the production of the signage from the texts, we were able to speed up production considerably without compromising on quality or flexibility.

Installation by Local Heroes

We have an extensive network of local assembly partners in Europe and beyond, we call them our Local Heroes. After approval and production of all signs, we had the assembly carried out by local parties from this network. Through centralised production, we have optimised consistency and retained economies of scale. Moreover, with our assembly network, we have made optimum use of time and budget.

Reuse and optimisation

One of the basic principles during the rebranding was the reuse of existing structures, not only to save time and costs but also in line with the organisation’s sustainability demands.  For each location, we have deliberately considered reusability, consistency and visibility of the brand to make the brand stand out at every site within the set budget and sustainability requirements.

Through intensive project management in combination with the right tooling and our international network of assembly partners, we have implemented the Uniper brand consistently and uniformly. Well within budget and before the deadline expires!

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