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Project Description
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SUEZ ready for the resource revolution

From 2015 on, the worldwide leader in waste processing SITA has gradually changed its name to SUEZ. It is more than a name change, it is a shift in culture business operations and positioning as well. After the rebranding, the organisation uses one global brand and is actively committed to a circular economy. Following the successful rebranding from SITA to SUEZ in Germany, RGN brand identity services also organised the brand implementation on the fleet and all dumpsters at b2b client locations in the Netherlands.


  • Optimisation of appearance for every individual location
  • Spreading of locations throughout Germany
  • Maximum brand exposure on all buildings
  • Vehicle rebranding outside of operational hours
  • A minimal nuisance for SUEZ and its customers

Maximum brand exposure in Germany

During the rebranding, SUEZ Germany asked us not only to replace the logo but to ensure maximum brand exposure per location as well. During the inventory of all sites, we determined the best positions for the branded items based on approach routes, visibility and desired appearance, and issued advice. Subsequently, we supported the organisation in the implementation of the new brand identity so that the SUEZ brand comes out well everywhere and is visible to the maximum!

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Vehicles: Flexibility is a must

In the Netherlands, we have provided the large and very diverse fleet of SUEZ with the new brand. During the rebranding, we ensured an optimal brand image on all types of vehicles, from garbage trucks to collection presses. From sewage cleaning and inspection vehicles to the many types of dumpsters. This project was all about flexibility. The organisation collects waste from millions of Dutch households and tens of thousands of companies, important activities that could not be interrupted. By deploying our network of local parties, we were able to schedule the rebranding in an optimally flexible manner. We organised the rebranding of the fleet in the late afternoon and early evening when the vehicles were not operational.

Dumpsters make a maximum contribution to the brand image

The SUEZ roll dumpsters are located at over 100,000 customer locations and therefore have a huge impact on the SUEZ brand image. For the rebranding to succeed, it was therefore essential to organise the implementation in such a way that both SUEZ and its customers had minimal inconvenience against the most acceptable budget possible! We achieved this by making clear agreements with all parties involved and, above all, communicating well. To ensure that all dumpsters have been adjusted and to give SUEZ optimum control over all its brand elements, we have visited all SUEZ customer locations for a final check.

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