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    Project Description
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    Suez ready for the resource revolution

    From 2015 on, the worldwide leader in waste processing SITA has gradually changed its name to SUEZ. It is more than a name change, it is a shift in culture, business operations and positioning as well. After the rebranding, the organisation uses one brand worldwide and actively works to make a circular economy possible. Following the successful rebranding of SITA to SUEZ in Germany, RGN brand identity services also implemented the new brand on the fleet and all dumpsters at b2b client locations in the Netherlands.


    • A large fleet with a large variety of vehicles
    • Rebranding must be conducted when vehicles are not used
    • A large number of dumpsters at b2b client locations
    • Gain insight in numbers and positions of dumpsters

    Three phases with a different approach

    The SUEZ fleet is large and diverse. In addition to garbage trucks and collection presses, SUEZ works with sewer cleaning and inspection vehicles as well. And there are also various types of containers, such as valve containers and dumpsters at b2b client locations. The different types of vehicles are used in different ways and times, which required a customised approach. In the end, we divided the rebranding into three phases. First, we focused on the fleet itself, followed by the valve containers and in the last phase we’ve rebranded all dumpsters at client locations throughout the Netherlands.

    Flexibility is a must

    In the Suez project, everything revolved around flexibility. The organisation collects waste from millions of Dutch households and tens of thousands of companies, and of course, we could not interrupt these activities. The conformity between all phases was the degree of flexibility needed to manage the project. By using our network of local rebranding partners, we were able to maximise our flexibility in this project. The rebranding of the fleet was mainly conducted in the late afternoon and early evening, at times when the vehicles were not used for collecting waste and garbage.

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    The dumpsters that are used by many Suez clients to be rebranded as well. This means that the customers of Suez were an important factor in this phase of the project. And it was precisely this group of stakeholders for whom we had to diminish the inconvenience of the rebranding as much as possible. However, a detailed insight into positions and numbers of dumpsters was not available, so good communication between all parties was extremely important. In the end, we decided to visit all Suez client locations to ensure that all containers were rebranded. An additional advantage is that we provided a comprehensive overall picture of all numbers and positions of dumpsters. With the completion of the third phase, the entire fleet of Suez is ready for the resource revolution!

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