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Project Description

's Heeren Loo - clear brand policy with an emphasis on parent brand

‘s Heeren Loo is one of the largest healthcare organisations in the Netherlands for people with intellectual and other disabilities. The organisation helps its clients to fulfil their lives as they wish. In 2019 the organisation switched to a new visual style. With the new brand identity, ‘s Heeren Loo wants to simplify its brand policy, reduce the use of sub-brands, and strengthen its position on the labour market. The healthcare organisation sought cooperation with RGN brand identity services for the management of the rebranding project.


Partly due to the number of sub-brands and corporate identities ‘s Heeren Loo was looking for a partner who could help with the following challenges:

  •   amount of work and impact of the rebranding
  •   creating support throughout the organisation
  •   multiple target groups with different interests

Determine the impact

In preparation for the implementation of the new brand, ‘s Heeren Loo first wanted to know what the effect of a rebranding would be. Therefore we have conducted an impact analysis and drawn up various scenarios for the implementation of the new visual style. Based on the information from the report, the healthcare organisation opted for an implementation scenario in which 2019 would be the transition year. We have divided the rebranding into three phases, whereby we use natural replacement moments and emphasise the organisations own involvement in the process.

Natural replacement

By choosing to implement the new brand identity gradually, ‘s Heeren Loo ensures that the target groups can slowly adapt to the new brand. Thereby we optimally used the economic lifespans of the old brand elements, by replacing them at the most suitable moment. One of the pitfalls in the gradual implementation of a new corporate identity is a lack of overview and the risk that over time, the daily activities of the organisation will predominate.  To prevent this from becoming a problem at ‘s Heeren Loo, we have ensured precise planning and proper compliance with deadlines and agreements with a structured project approach. So that budget, schedule and brand consistency are not negatively affected.

Clear policy

With the rebranding to the new visual style and the structured approach in the process, ‘s Heeren Loo now has a clear brand policy with more emphasis on the parent brand, which ultimately benefits the brand awareness and appearance of the organisation. This is how we have helped ‘s Heeren Loo to add value to the brand.

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