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Project Description

ROC van Twente uniformity in diversity

In 2017, ROC van Twente redesigned its corporate identity. The educational institution for secondary vocational schooling and adult education in the Twente region wanted to bring uniformity into diversity and to improve the recognisability of the brand with an easily applicable brand identity. RGN brand identity services advised ROC throughout the entire process and supervised the successful implementation of the new brand.


  • Emphasise core values of ROC van Twente
  • Simplicity in applying the brand identity
  • Increase the recognisability of the brand
  • Creating maximum visibility at all locations
  • Consent of municipality

Core values as a starting point

With the new corporate identity, ROC van Twente emphasises its core values of curiosity, connection, inspiring, proud, and for everyone. These values had to be expressed in an easily applicable brand identity that unifies the diverse range of buildings and increases the recognisability of ROC van Twente. By making the new identity simple to use, we enhance the consistency of the brand. Furthermore, it ensures that the brand is applied correctly, even after the implementation phase is over.

Maximum exposure

ROC van Twente has multiple educational locations throughout the region of Twente and wants to maximise the exposure for every single building. By making an inventory of all buildings, we have determined the best positions of the new brand elements, and these were not always similar to the locations of the old brand touchpoints. By improving the visibility of the brand, we create a better brand appearance.

Rebranding ROC van Twente by RGN brand identity services

From design to realisation

The internal design studio of ROC van Twente has translated the design from agency Osage into a set of brand identity elements. To ensure that the designs would work in practice, we assessed these items on feasibility and practicality. By having a prototype developed for all brand elements, we could optimise them even further and had a solid plan for getting approval from the various municipalities involved.

Uniformity in diversity

ROC van Twente now has a corporate identity that they can easily apply and will, therefore, be easier to retain consistently. The target audience will better recognise a consistently used brand. By optimising the positions of the brand elements, we have also maximised the brand appearance at all buildings. That is how we have added value to the brand ROC van Twente!

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