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project Description

ROC van Twente

ROC van Twente renewed its corporate identity. The educational institution for intermediate vocational education and adult education in the Twente region wanted to bring unity in diversity with an easily applicable house style, and increase the recognizability of the brand. With the new corporate identity ROC van Twente emphasizes its core values of curiosity, connecting, inspiring, pride and for everyone. These core values must be expressed in an easily applicable house style that also brings unity to the great diversity of buildings in order to increase the recognisability of ROC van Twente.

RGN advised ROC during the entire process and guided the successful implementation of the new brand. By surveying all locations at an early stage of the project, we were able to determine the best positions for the new brand elements and take them into account and respond to them in the rest of the process. We assessed the brand elements for practicality and desired appearance. Thanks to several prototypes, we were able to optimize the elements even further and had a well-founded plan to start up the permit procedures of the different municipalities.

A consistently applied brand is often better recognized by the target group. In addition, by optimizing the positions of the elements for each building, the brand is much more visible. In this way we have added value to the ROC van Twente brand!

ROC van Twente

  • Project
  • Rebranding ROC van Twente
  • Scope
  • Projectmanagement, prototyping, implementation signage
  • Challenges
  • Simplicity in applying the brand identity, Consent of munipality

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