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Project Description

RegioBank striking bank appearance in the neighbourhood

RegioBank is the trusted, local address for all your banking matters. Since 2013, the bank has been actively positioning itself as an alternative to the large established banks. The repositioning and the desire to be more clearly visible in the streets are the main reasons for rebranding and part from the well-known kaleidoscope of parent organisation SNS Bank. RGN brand identity services has often successfully assisted the bank with the implementation of a new brand identity and is once again the designated partner for RegioBank.


  • Franchise organisation
  • Lack of visibility in the street scene
  • Time pressure
  • Implementation during the winter period

RegioBank works with a network of more than 500 intermediaries; independent entrepreneurs who sell the bank’s products and services in addition to their own. During a rebranding to a much more striking corporate identity, creating support among the franchisees is one of the biggest challenges for the success of the project.

rebranding RegioBank by RGN

Personalised approach

The best way to create support is to actively involve all intermediaries in the process. That is why we made visual proposals for the new signage for every location. To which both the intermediaries and RegioBank had the opportunity to request changes within the guidelines. We received many positive responses to the proposals and requests for extra signing. With this personal approach, we have created enthusiasm among the franchisees about the new RegioBank style.

Value engineering

Yet how do we achieve a consistent look at more than 500 locations? Design agency Fabrique translated the logo into a complete family of brand identity signs. We have had a special RegioBank profile developed, based on our practical experience and insight into production (im)possibilities and the formats and confirmation points of the current RegioBank signage. this profile can be used for all types of illuminated signage. Besides a positive influence on the consistency of the brand appearance, we were able to use this profile to simplify and accelerate the production and assembly of this signage and to use existing attachment points. Moreover,  we have established considerable cost savings. Due to the profile, the illuminated signs are scalable, meaning we didn’t require special designs for every nonstandard size.

Rebranding RegioBank by RGN

Time pressure

High time pressure was already a reason for RegioBank to involve us in this project. However, the time pressure was further increased during the project. Due to the enthusiasm of the intermediaries and the resulting additional wishes, the visualisation process took longer than planned. In addition, the cold winter ensured that not all elements, especially the window vinyl, could be applicated.


Apart from RegioBank, we had to deal with one or more contacts from more than 500 unique locations. Without proper tooling to manage all information and communication, we would not have been able to organise the rebranding within this timeframe and with this quality. Moreover, by using CI-Control, we were able to offer RegioBank 24/7 insight into the progress of the project. From production to execution and delivery!

Brand identity Management

With a franchise organisation such as that of RegioBank, new locations are regularly added and others disappear. To ensure an optimal brand appearance over time, we have set up a process together with RegioBank to optimally organise all new locations, closures, relocations, name changes and any damage and disruptions while actively managing the stock of brand identity elements. Because we used CI-Control during the entire project, the basis for ongoing brand management was laid quickly and properly and we now ensure that the RegioBank image will remain optimal.

With our approach, we have responded perfectly to the wishes of both RegioBank and the intermediaries and in this way established a brand identity that is not only recognisable in the street, but is also widely supported by the intermediaries.

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