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project Description


The Radboudumc changed to a new name and corporate identity. With this, the university medical centre responded to the increasing need for healthcare organisations to distinguish themselves and work on a strong brand. A restyling is not something you do every year. That is why it is good to hire agencies that bring specific competences to guide such a project, said Viola Peulen, head of corporate communications at Raboudumc. RGB provided the right preparation through an impact analysis and project management during the rebranding.

Through the impact analysis, we gave the organisation all the information they needed to make well-founded decisions. For example, it is not necessary to apply a new logo to everything that had an old logo on it, such as the crockery. A good corporate identity also means that not everything needs a logo to convey the right image.

Time for implementation: we participated in several project groups within Radboudumc, to work with the staff to implement the Teldesign corporate identity. By involving staff in the implementation, we create support for the new corporate identity and use the knowledge and skills of the own organisation. It also helps us to ensure that the entire planning and the bigger picture remain in tune. To ensure that the corporate identity is applied consistently, we have implemented our tooling including the Design-to-publish module at Radboudumc. With this additional module, employees can create their own printed materials in the correct house style, including business cards, according to predefined templates.


  • Project
  • Rebranding
  • Scope
  • Projectmanagement, Impact Analysis, Tooling
  • Challenge
  • Reduce the jumble of logos, colours and fonts and create one distinctive brand

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