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Project Description

PSA Peugeot Citroën Motion & Emotion

In 2010, PSA Peugeot Citroën unveiled the new Peugeot logo in the anticipation to its 200th anniversary. Together with the new slogan Motion & Emotion, the new logo should help the organisation to create a stronger brand worldwide. Following the successful implementation of the new brand style at all dealer locations in the Netherlands, RGN brand identity services optimised the appearance of the signage. Since then, RGN has been responsible for maintaining the brand image at all Dutch dealer locations.


  • Improvement of appearance
  • Logistics of annual maintenance
  • Franchise company
  • Damages and malfunctions

Product engineering

During the rebranding, we worked with materials supplied by the French parent organisation. It soon became clear that it was desirable to optimise the appearance of the chrome elements. In collaboration with our partners and in consultation with Peugeot Netherlands, we have adjusted the elements to ensure a suitable appearance for all Dutch dealer locations.

Maintenance & control

Peugeot has opted for a chic look with a dark blue background and chrome elements. In order to keep the appearance on top, the signage must be maintained actively. It is the only way to prevent damages and malfunctions and to extend the lifespan of the brand identity elements.

We work with CI-Control for the logistical planning of maintenance and control. It enables us to schedule store visits with all franchise holders. Moreover, it gives us an exact overview of all on-site brand carriers, the last maintenance, and whether there are reports of damages and malfunctions.

In order to carry out the maintenance as effectively as possible, we work with local teams that carry out all maintenance task. In our logistic planning, we combine the activities to limit travel times and distances and the nuisance for the location owners

PSA Peugeot Citroën 3

Single point of contact

We are the single point of contact for franchisees for everything concerning the signage at their location. Both for planned maintenance and for incidental events such as damages, malfunctions, and closures or relocations of stores or signage. This is how we unburden Peugeot Netherlands and ensure that their brand image remains consistent and optimal.

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