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project Description


PSA Peugeot Citroën unveiled the new Peugeot logo ahead of its 200th anniversary. Together with the new slogan Motion & Emotion, the new logo should help the organisation to become a stronger global brand. Peugeot has chosen a chic look with a dark blue background and chrome elements. To keep this look in top condition, active maintenance must be carried out on all brand touchpoints, including the signing of the buildings.

After the successful implementation of the new style at all dealer locations in the Netherlands, RGN brand identity services also optimised the appearance of the signing. Since then, RGN has been responsible for maintaining the brand image at all the dealer locations in the Netherlands. In order to carry out the maintenance as effectively as possible, we work with local teams who carry out the maintenance work. By combining the activities as much as possible, we limit the travelling times and distances and the inconvenience for the location owners. For the logistical planning of maintenance and management, we use our own tooling. This makes it easy for us to make agreements with all franchise holders and for each location we have an exact overview of what is hanging in the corporate identity bearers, when the last maintenance was carried out and if there are any reports of damage or breakdowns.

Damages and breakdowns are prevented by our working method and the house style elements last longer!


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