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Project Description

Nike in collaboration with RR Donnelly and Found

Few retail brands are as well known and well represented as Nike. The sports brand has stores all over the world and launches several campaigns annually. In cooperation with RR Donnelly, RGN brand identity services provides the new quarterly product communication for the partner stores in Europe. In addition, RGN collaborates with Found on various campaigns and visuals at the European Nike Factory Stores.


  • Consistency
  • Central control
  • Distribution of stores throughout Europe
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Economies of scale

One of the biggest challenges for both Nike and our partners RR Donnelly and Found is the consistency in appearance. With a brand with so many brand touchpoints and employees, it can be complicated to keep order and control. In order to maintain the great recognisability of the Nike brand, expressions must be implemented consistently throughout the world.

Reason to Buy

In-store product information gives a boost to sales figures and turnover, so it is important information for customers that should not be missing. Nike uses Connect-Level-Copy (CLC) to share important product information with customers, including the ‘Reason to Buy’. Together with RR Donnelly, we provide the CLC for Nike for all European countries.

The large diversity of stores with, among other things, differences in language, currency, types of products and brand touchpoints ensures that 60,000 unique inlays are made every quarter. In our collaboration with RR Donnelly, we take care of the layout of the artwork and RR Donnelly provides the production and distribution.


With these figures good tooling is indispensable. For Nike, we work with our platform CI-Control to generate all the required artwork. CI-Control enables us to reduce the design of all unique items from several days to just a few hours. This means more control and flexibility for Nike. The head office retains the overview by centralising the layout instead of outsourcing it to individual countries. This approach also offers the possibility to make changes centrally later in the process, without major consequences for the time-to-market or the expenses.

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In collaboration with Found, we provide various brand expressions at the Nike Factory Stores in Europe. Our collaboration with Found started with the improvement of the in-store brand appearance by implementing the well-known tagline ‘Just do it’ at all Factory Stores in Europe. It is our approach to work with the Local Heroes from our international network. This is how we reduce travel times and distances and we can ensure that tasks are performed as efficiently as possible. Since the ‘Just do it’-campaign, we have been working regularly with Found for Nike and other brands. We provide the visuals on the hoardings at new and renovated locations and organise various store surveys and the implementation of campaigns such as the Brand Athlete Change-Out.

Thanks to our international network and the right tooling, we help Nike to establish a consistent and recognisable brand in various ways. And simultaneously offer Nike headquarters the control and overview necessary for the proper execution of their campaigns.

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