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Project Description
rebranding gemeente Noardeast-Fryslan

Municipality of Noardeast-Fryslân a strong brand after the merger

As a result of the municipal redivisions, the municipalities of Dongeradeel, Ferwerderadiel and Kollumerland merged on 1 January 2019. The municipalities continue with one administration with the name Noardeast-Fryslân. From June 2018, RGN brand identity services was involved in the preparations for the implementation of the new joint corporate identity.


  • Get an overview of all brand elements
  • Gain insight into the costs
  • Translate the brand identity into practical designs for, among other things, the vehicle fleet
  • Adjust the municipal boundary signage at 53 villages
  • How to deal with a partnership with the municipality of Dantumadiel
pijl_links "We used the report that came from the impact analysis as a guide for the remainder of the corporate identity implementation. It ensured that we kept a good overview and were able to do a large part of the rebranding by ourselves."

Ferdie van den Brink, project manager at municipality Noardeast-Fryslân


Overview and insight

Overview and insight are essential in a process like this. Especially if several organisations, or in this case municipalities, merge. That is why we carried out an extensive impact analysis and inventoried all brand elements of the municipalities involved. This analysis was the input for a comprehensive report containing various scenarios and budgeting for the implementation of the new brand identity.

The practicability of the new visual identity

Design agency Junction has developed the municipality’s unique brand style. We have translated the design into practical plans per carrier so that implementation would be simpler, cost-efficient, and uniform across all brand elements. By working with several standardised elements, we created unity and laid a solid base for brand management.

Municipal boundary signage

The new municipality consists of 53 villages with many variations in municipal boundary signs, which made changing the municipality name extra complex. We have invited several parties to make an offer for this stage of the rebranding. After which the municipality has selected a partner for the adaptation of all signs. A systematic plan has been developed to photograph, measure and provide all signage with a new foil. This is how we have adapted the municipality names in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. It was striking that 59 signs with the old municipality names were stolen during the rebranding process. So several new signs had to be produced and installed.

Rebranding wagenpark gemeente Noardeast-Fryslan

Uniform appearance on all vehicles

The fleet was a significant part of the rebranding. The fleet has many different vehicles, from garbage trucks to buses, and cabins with loading bins to tractors. In addition to the standardisation in decoration sets, we have made layout drawings for each model. Moreover, we have matched the designs with standard available films. This way, we prevent colour differences, both during the rebranding and later during damage repair. Thanks to our approach, planning and operational coordination, the vehicles of the three former municipalities have a uniform appearance following the style of the Noardeast-Fryslân municipality.

Collaboration with Dantumadiel

The municipality of Dantumadiel is not part of the new municipality. However, it is part of the officialese merger. They have chosen not to participate in the administrative merger, but to enter into a partnership with the newly formed municipality. Therefore, the branding of Dantumadiel has not been adapted to that of Noardeast-Fryslân. However, because of the collaboration, some texts or extra logos had to be added on some brand elements. For example, the text line “We also drive for Dantumadiel” had to be added to almost the entire fleet of the Noardeast-Fryslân municipality.

Thanks to proper preparation and good operational contact with the municipality, there is now a strong and uniform brand identity. Moreover, we have been able to limit the lead time to just two months, which has contributed to significant cost savings and efficient implementation.

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