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Project Description

The municipality of Amsterdam One point of contact for the entire municipality

Since 1990, Amsterdam has known 16 different city districts, each with its own fully-fledged civil service organisation. In 2010 the number of districts was halved and in 2014 the district councils were given a more limited role. This transition from a decentralised to a central organisation also meant that the entire municipality has to communicate as one organisation. RGN brand identity services has been involved in the development and implementation of the brand identity of the municipality since 2005 and was the perfect partner to ensure a uniform appearance on the buildings and fleet of the municipality.


  • Bring seven different brand identities back to one
  • Creating a uniform appearance for the entire municipality
  • Rebrand all vehicles without reducing operational deployment
  • Destress the internal organisation of the municipality during the process

By aligning the brand identities off all city districts, the municipality wants to create one single point of contact for all residents, visitors and other stakeholders. For the buildings, this means unity in signing and uniform and recognisable styling for all city offices. The district characteristics have also been removed from all vehicles and the three Andreas crosses are applied uniformly.

Rebranding stadsloketten gemeente Amsterdam
Rebranding wagenpark Amsterdam

Complexity in planning

Combined, the districts have more than 700 vehicles whose corporate identity had to be adjusted. An important precondition within this project was that all vehicles had to remain deployable during the rebranding. Our network of partners and large availability of rebranding locations allowed us to flexibly organise the project. Thereby ensuring a uniform appearance on the entire fleet without reducing the operational deployment of vehicles as well as staff.


In a complex rebranding project with this many vehicles, solid tooling is essential to keep an overview and to facilitate our project managers. Moreover, detailed registration ensures a perfect foundation for the maintenance and management of the fleet. Whenever there are damages, it is immediately visible which brand identity set is required to give the vehicle that consistent Amsterdam appearance again even after damage repair. That is how we can ensure that the municipality of Amsterdam can always communicate with one strong brand.

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