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Project Description
Rebranding Malvern Panalytical na fusie

Malvern Panalytical stronger after the merger

In 2017, Malvern Instruments Ltd. and PANalytical B.V. merged and Malvern Panalytical was created. Thanks to the complementary products of the organisations, which are both divisions of Spectris plc, a strong player and innovator emerged in the material characterisation market. Various industries use Malvern Panalytical products for the chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials. RGN brand identity services helped the organisation with the preparation and management of the rebranding.


  • Limited experience with mergers and corporate identity implementation
  • Creating sufficient capacity to manage the rebranding
  • Need for insight into the current situation at both organisations
  • Integration of two companies with different cultures and product groups

Determine the impact

The impact of a rebranding is significant, but the exact consequences are difficult to determine in advance. That is why we carried out a thorough impact analysis. Based on this analysis, we drew up several scenarios, each with a schedule and budgetary consequences. So that Malvern Panalytical was able to make a proper evaluation and choose a project outline that best fits the organisation and resources. One of the implications of the impact analysis was the need for additional capacity to support the internal organisation with the preparation and management of the rebranding.

Brochures Malvern Panalytical na rebranding door RGN

Make it happen

In practice, we see that during a merger, there is often little time and capacity left to spend on the new corporate identity or brand policy. By providing extra capacity and our expertise, we have ensured that the organisation implemented the new Malvern Panalytical brand. By planning well and advising where necessary, the new identity now stands without any concessions to appearance or quality.

Brand monitoring

Creative Bastards developed the new logo and the basic elements of the corporate identity. Based on these designs, we have further developed the brand elements together with the marketing department. Our practical knowledge and independent position in the project were valuable to guide decisionmaking between the two former companies. To ensure proper brand appliance in the Netherlands, England, and in other countries where the company does business, we have taken the following actions:

  • An extensive description of the guidelines and making them available on the online brand portal
  • Development of various templates
  • Making Design2Publish available so that employees can make their own brand elements according to the approved guidelines

Stronger together

The products of Malvern Panalytical are complementary to each other instead of competitive. Thanks to the new brand identity, they now communicate as one, and together they have much more to offer to buyers! This is how we add value to the Malvern Panalytical brand.

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