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Project Description
Rebranding Isala - een sterk zorgmerk na verhuizing

Isala a strong healthcare brand after relocation

In 2013, the Isala hospital in Zwolle moved to a new location and got a new name and brand identity. A large project in which many changes took place at the same time. Therefore the hospital collaborated with RGN brand identity services for managing the rebranding and developing and implementing the signage in and around the new build hospital location.


  •   Relocation of an entire hospital
  •   Large variety in interests
  • Various visitor flows
  • Regulations and physical challenges

Prepared to perfection

When it comes to moving a hospital, the preparation must be arranged down to the last detail. Everything is tested several times, and the very detailed planning must be carefully followed. Before even one patient sets foot in the new hospital, information provision, such as signposting, must function properly. And all signs must, for example, meet safety requirements. With a comprehensive impact analysis, we have mapped out all brand identity elements and the underlying IT systems. Based on the report, we have developed several scenarios so that Isala could make informed decisions for the implementation of the brand identity designed by Teldesign.

Isala uses CI-Control to manage its new corporate identity and to make guidelines, documents and images available.
Isala uses CI-Control to manage its new corporate identity and to make guidelines, documents and images available.

Different interests

A healthcare institution, such as a hospital, may have more interest groups than other organisations. In addition to patients, visitors and doctors, many different departments are all small organisations in their own right and have specific wishes about naming, information provision and corporate identity. Isala has taken patients’ needs as a starting point, thereby creating clear rules for the name and design of various departments. The Isala brand is the connecting factor and ensures unity and consistency in appearance. This has a positive effect on recognisability and patients trust.

wafinding Isala hospital in Zwolle (Netherlands)

Better wayfinding with fewer signs

The new location of Isala is an organic building, with twisted corners, unexpected perspectives, pastel shades and lots of greenery. The building consists of four parts which are connected by a long corridor. We helped Isala with the development of signage that perfectly matched the look and feel of the building. Functional signage that does not dominate. In doing so, we had to take into account specific laws and regulations regarding materials, form, and patient interests such as visibility for the visually impaired and wheelchair users.

The building structure and strict naming rules allowed for wayfinding in which visitors and patients can almost intuitively find their way.  Moreover, the signing perfectly fits the hospitals new digital sign-in system. As a result, there are 40% fewer signs in Isala than in an average other Dutch hospitals.

After a successful relocation and rebranding, Isala is ready to receive patients, visitors and other stakeholders courteously. That is how we added value to the brand, together with Isala.

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