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project Description


Isala was moving house and at the same time the hospital in Zwolle was getting a new name and house style. A major project in which many changes took place simultaneously. This was the reason why the hospital decided to collaborate with RGN brand identity services for the management of the rebranding and the design and implementation of the signage in and around the new hospital location.

Before even a single patient sets foot in the new hospital, the information facilities, such as signage, must function properly, and all signage must comply with, for example, fire safety requirements. We used an extensive impact analysis to map out all the house style carriers and the underlying IT systems. Based on the analysis, we drew up several scenarios so that Isala could make well-founded decisions for the implementation of the new brand identity.

Isala’s new location is an organic building, with crooked corners, unexpected vistas, pastel shades and lots of greenery. The building consists of four parts, called butterflies, connected by a long corridor. We helped Isala develop signage that perfectly matched the look and feel of the building. Functional signage that does not dominate. In doing so, we had to take into account specific laws and regulations about materials, form, and patient concerns such as visibility for the visually impaired and wheelchair users.

Because of the way the building is laid out and the choices that were made in the designations, we were able to develop a signage system in which visitors and patients can find their way almost intuitively and which perfectly matches the digital registration system. As a result, there are 40% fewer signs in Isala than in an average other Dutch hospital.


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  • Project Management, Impact Analysis, Rebranding strategy, Implementation wayfinding
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  • Better wayfinding with fewer signs

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