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project Description


ENGIE Netherlands is part of the ENGIE group which operates worldwide. A new corporate identity has been established by the French parent organization. With the name change, the French parent company wanted to better address emerging markets and reduce the reference to the French home base. The organization had the desire to burden its own staff as little as possible. And that’s where RGN comes in: we completely took over the direction during this project. From fully managing and coordinating the rebranding to implementation. And from translating corporate identity guidelines into a sign family to be applied at all office and project locations in the Netherlands to setting up and furnishing rebranding locations.

ENGIE is actively committed to accelerating the energy transition and working for a CO2-neutral, 100% sustainable and digital future. Work that needs to be disrupted as little as possible by the rebranding. This is an extra challenge, particularly with the large-scale vehicle fleet: in order to ensure that this goes as smoothly as possible, we have set up rebranding locations throughout the Netherlands. That, combined with a detailed planning and clear combination ensured continuity of ENGIE’s daily operations. Our tooling gave all parties involved above access to the right information and insight into the current status of the project.

The result? An implemented new corporate identity on all corporate media within a short period of time!


  • Project
  • Rebranding
  • Size
  • 950 vehicles, 100 locations
  • Scope
  • Project management, Sourcing strategy, Tooling, Installation
  • Challenges
  • One of the largest vehicle fleets in the Netherlands, continuity of daily activities

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