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Project Description
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Douglas from premium store chain to glamour brand

‘We encourage and inspire you to have the confidence to live your own kind of beauty.’ That is the new mission statement of the German perfumery concern Douglas. This statement forms the basis of the new brand strategy and brand identity that the company introduced in 2018. The new strategy should ensure that Douglas flourishes from a premium store chain to a glamour brand. RGN brand identity services organises the implementation of the new brand in the ten countries east of Germany, from Lithuania to Bulgaria.


The implementation of a new brand in physical stores in 17 countries in Europe comes with a number of challenges. Douglas had a sound understanding of these challenges and searched for a partner that offered solutions for the following complications:

  • A large number of locations in countries east of Germany
  • Permit procedures for all stores
  • Excellent quality of product and installation
  • Uniformity and consistency in appearance

International network

Because we have an extended international network of high-quality partners, we could offer the solutions needed for a good and smooth rebranding. Besides short travel times and extensive knowledge of the local language and culture, our partners were essential for successful permit procedures at various local authorities. The combination of our approach and our network allowed us to completely unburden Douglas during the entire process, from inventory to completion.

Improved quality and consistency

The positioning of a glamour brand naturally includes good quality signing and a consistent brand appearance. We have merged the production numbers off al countries and centrally organised the production of the signage. In this way, we ensured a guaranteed uniform quality and appearance at all locations with a significant cost reduction as a bonus.

Strengthening leading position in Europe

Thanks to the new brand strategy and brand identity and store layout, Douglas’ image has been upgraded and now appeals to a younger target group. With this new course, Douglas is ready to strengthen and further expand its leading position in Europe. We expect to complete the rebranding by mid-2019.

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