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Project Description


The Spanish fashion brand Desigual is known for its cheerful clothing and accessories with striking prints. For the promotion of the new collections, Desigual replaces the in-store campaign materials every season at all brand stores worldwide. In 2011, RGN brand identity services improved the effect of the in-store campaigns by reducing the time-to-market and significantly reducing the costs of the worldwide refreshes.


In the past, it took weeks or even months before the new campaign materials were visible in all stores. Due to the too long time-to-market, campaigns did not have the best possible effect. In order to organise the process more efficiently, we had to find a solution for the following challenges:

  • Number of locations and their worldwide distribution
  • Need to provide all stores simultaneously with new campaign materials
  • Shortening the time-to-market
  • Lack of an international network of reliable installers
  • Lack of control on end-results

Tooling and Local Heroes

For an optimal effect, the in-store campaign materials must match with the other campaign statements on TV, in print, and online. Therefore it is important that we change all in-store materials in all stores simultaneously. Which is only possible with good project preparation, tooling and a reliable international network. For the refreshments of Desigual, we have used myBrand which made all information per store online available. Information like type and number of objects, dimensions and other details that may affect a successful campaign refresh. The tooling in combination with our reliable Local Heroes ensured that we reduced the turnaround time of a campaign refresh by 75%!


One of Desigual’s problems was the lack of insight into the end result at local store level. Thanks to myBrand, Desigual always had a complete overview of the current status of all locations. Fulfilment documentation is automatically uploaded to myBrand immediately after completion of the installation. Furthermore, Desigual can consult the well-organised, 24/7 available, dashboard for the status of the total refresh. With our approach, we have ensured that Desigual remains in control and that they get the maximum effect from their in-store campaigns!

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