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Project Description

Council for de Judiciary new logo to improve recognisability

In 2016, the Council for the Judiciary announced the gradual introduction of a new logo. The former logo lacked in recognisability and had too little associations with the Judiciary. Lady Justice is the symbol of a fair judiciary and should make the Council better recognisable. RGN brand identity services implemented the new logo on all signage and thereby completed the rebranding.


  • Temporary coexistence of two brands
  • Alignment of the brand appearance in the physical and digital environment
  • Request for a sustainable and cost-efficient solution

Two brand identities

Because of the gradual implementation of the new logo, the organisation temporarily used two brands side by side. In the digital environment, the Judiciary was already well recognisable, but all the signing at the courts still showed the old logo. In order to complete the rebranding and to stimulate the recognisability in the physical environment, the signage has been adapted.

Sustainable and cost efficient

For years, we have been the partner of the Council for internal and external wayfinding. Therefore we have a detailed overview of all types of signage and the various positions. In consultation with the Council, we have opted to reuse the existing foundations of the signage, which is both sustainable and cost-efficient.

With the implementation of the new logo on all signage, we have ensured that the Council is recognizable for all its stakeholders. Curious about how we can add value to your brand as well? Contact us!

Wondering how we can add value to your brand as well? Contact us!