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project Description


CitizenM has developed a hotel concept for the modern traveler. A traveler who values a luxury hotel experience in central locations at an affordable price. In almost all respects, citizenM distinguishes itself from other hotels by having a centralized business model. They are a property developer, design and project management organization and a hotel operator. Another differentiating factor is the brand experience. Throughout the visitor’s journey, the brand, in an extraordinary way, is central. There is room for local branding in each hotel and it is focused on the city where the hotel is located. RGN is the expert in rolling out and maintaining brand carriers.

RGN is therefore the proud partner of citizenM to implement all brand expressions in a consistent and uniform manner. We support the organization in the development of all elements and capture them, both in technical descriptions as well as visually in 3D drawings. We handle the local productions and select appropriate suppliers for each hotel. Installation takes place by using our Local Heroes network.

Through our method of central production and local installation, we are able to provide each hotel with all corporate identity carriers in an effective and efficient approach!


  • Project
  • Implementation all brand touchpoints
  • Scope
  • Project Management, Supplier selection, Prototyping, Production and installation
  • Uitdagingen
  • Verkorten van de doorlooptijd en een efficiënte implementatie

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