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Office solutions: Organise the brand identity chaos

Have you ever noticed the large variety of brand identity elements in your office? The brand is well represented in the average office environment, from stationery to business cards and from notepads and e-mail signatures to the login screens of various applications. In some cases, we even see an overrepresentation of the brand identity, with a whole range of different envelopes, slightly different versions of stationary and a large variety of giveaways like pens, USB-sticks and key cords. A rebranding is a perfect time to bring order to the chaos!

But how do you create that order? It starts with a complete and detailed overview of all existing brand identity elements. In our experience, you will end up with an extensive list of branded items you never even knew existed. Fortunately, it is not necessary to rebrand all those items. We will work with you and your colleagues, using the results of the impact analysis, to determine which items should be kept. For those items that are kept, we carefully analyse how we can apply your brand in a smarter, more sustainable and more efficient way.

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From hardcopy to digital

Corporate printed matter, such as stationery, is an important part of your brand identity. However, because of the increasing digital options, such as digital invoicing, we see a shift towards more digital brand identity elements. When rebranding, many organisations encounter the problem that the new logo or logo placement is hard to integrate into existing software systems and applications. By analysing all these digital elements before your designer starts, you will prevent problems or delays later in the implementation process. Our project managers know exactly what to look out for and are happy to help you apply your brand identity easily and effectively in an increasingly digital environment.

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Maintenance and control

Prevent new chaos in your brand identity after the implementation of your new brand. Over time, brand elements need restocking, and new elements are developed. Provide detailed guidelines for the application of your brand, including specifications for suppliers, to prevent your brand from becoming inconsistent all over again. And keep these guidelines up-to-date, for example by using an online platform such as CI-Control.
We will help you to create support within your organisation for applying your brand identity according to the guidelines. You can appoint brand ambassadors who are fully aware of all the details of your brand and who can help colleagues as needed.

An advantage of using online tooling for managing your brand identity is the option to add design-to-publish applications. This gives your employees everything they need to create their own branded elements, such as business cards, and to order them according to the set guidelines.

Let your brand work for you!

Your brand stands for your ambition. That means the implementation must be in line with your vision and organisational strategy. Together, we will successfully implement your brand identity and add value to your brand. We ensure continuity in your brand appearance and assist you with practical advice.

Are you wondering how your brand can work for you on various brand identity elements? Read more about the rebranding of your vehicles, signage, wayfinding and clothing.


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