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07 - 12 - 2018

News RGN officially certified partner of myBrand

At RGN brand identity services we know the importance of a consistent brand experience. There are plenty of IT solutions for the specific management of the digital brand experience, like DAM and MRM systems. However, these solutions often lack options for managing the physical brand on buildings, in stores and on vehicles. Until now! myBrand is the first brand centre that is specifically designed for managing your physical brand assets. We proudly announce that we are one of the first official certified partners!

Everything that a consistent brand needs in one single brand centre

In the increasingly digital world, a consistent online and offline brand image is more important than ever for the recognisability of your brand. Now that the number of brand touchpoints increases, good management is more challenging than ever. Many existing systems focus on a specific part of the brand appearance but are not suitable for the management of the entire brand experience.

myBrand partner logo

Our experience shows that many brand and marketing managers struggle to keep control over the physical brand appearance. myBrand offers you all the applications you need to manage and optimise the entire brand experience. Whether it concerns in-store marketing campaigns, the brand identity on your fleet or office buildings and other locations. You build your brand’s personal brand centre with the applications you need.

RGN is your fulfilment partner

myBrand offers you everything you need to gain and to keep optimal control over your brand experience. However, in some situations, you might lack the time, personnel, expertise or the right connections to make the system work for you. We are an official myBrand reseller and we are trained to optimally work with all the applications. We can advise you, assist you with the organisation of myBrand, or connect you with the right branding partners. Want to know more? Visit the myBrand site or contact one of our specialists!

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