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22 - 10 - 2019

Blog How to protect your marketing investment

Last month we spoke to many retailers during DMEXCO in Cologne. One of the most critical bottlenecks that often came up was the big difference between the concept of a campaign and the actual implementation in the store and the control thereof. And that while the in-store execution determines the success of the campaign and the final ROI. A good marketing campaign requires a lot of money and time. How can you protect this marketing investment and achieve the best possible ROI?

Three essential elements

If you want to protect your investment in in-store campaigns, you need to focus on three essential elements. First of all, all marketing activities must contribute to a positive brand image. The second is to focus on proper implementation. A campaign is only as good as the execution at the local store level. Finally, the third essential element is to be in control. Make sure you know how the campaign is implemented so that measurements of the ROI are correct.

1. Brand as the starting point

All marketing activities from your brand must contribute to a consistent and recognisable image of your organisation. And your marketing campaigns are no exception. Moreover, research shows that 90% of consumers expect a consistent brand experience with all online and offline touchpoints. Poor execution of an in-store campaign not only detracts from the results of that campaign but also negatively impacts the total brand experience.

Research also shows that different departments within an organisation often perform in-store marketing activities. And less than 25% of respondents indicate that in-store marketing investments are fully aligned and transparent between departments. By coordinating all marketing activities centrally, with the overall brand experience as the foundation, you ensure that all activities perfectly match and reinforce each other.

your brand should be the foundation for all your marketing activities

2. Implementation at local store level

We have noticed that many international brands send their campaign materials to their stores in the hope that local store staff will install the campaign at the right time and manner. Even though as many as 21% of marketing managers believe that sent campaign materials never make it to the store floor.

To seamlessly match shopping experiences with digital brand expressions, we have specialised in the in-store execution of campaigns. With a network of reliable implementation partners, we organise the implementation of in-store campaigns around the world, using toolings like CI-Control and myBrand. Central, brand-driven management combined with a platform with all necessary campaign and store information, and local implementation specialists ensure that your campaign is executed as you designed it. At the right time with the predetermined quality. This way, your campaign achieves the maximum result.

3. Control and registration

The numbers tell the tale. To learn the effectiveness of a campaign, you need to know how it was implemented. An execution check at store level is necessary to determine the ROI. Chances are that it is too costly and timeconsuming for you to visit all your stores in person. Especially when you have stores in all corners of the world. So you need another way to gain control over your in-store marketing campaign and its results.

Control is one of the essential aspects of our working method. We ensure that you always have control over when your campaign will be implemented and ultimately, how it truly looks in the stores. And we do that by using our tooling. Our local installation partners upload photos of the result immediately after they completed the job. We then assess whether the result is compliant with guidelines and ensure proper handling. In addition to being a proven way to review work remotely, it is also the perfect way to ensure that our store information database remains up-to-date. At every store visit, we check whether the information about, among other things, shop layout, formats and materials are correct. This data then forms the input for a next in-store campaign.

Screenshot CI-Control Project Management App - Campaign Roll-out

Protect your marketing investment

The omnichannel experience that many brands are aiming for requires total control of all brand expressions at all touchpoints. With these three essential elements, there is no longer any reason not to have complete control over in-store campaign elements.

Edwin van der Veen wrote this blog. As director projects, he specialised in the organisation of international in-store campaigns such as those of Nike. Curious as to how we can help you protect your marketing investment? Get in touch with Edwin!

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