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17 - 08 - 2020

Blog Successfully implementing instore marketing campaigns: benefits of a ‘Local Heroes’ network

Instore campaigns: Challenging times retail sector

These are challenging times for the retail sector. For many internationally operating retail brands, doing business in the whole of Europa or worldwide, effectively managing mainly offline marketing campaigns – including instore communications – is a daunting task. Creating and maintaining a unique customer experience online is somewhat more accessible since the online world is much more flexible, and marketing messages can be replaced relatively quickly.

Maintaining consistent messaging through instore communications has always been a critical point of attention for many retail organizations. As this was already a constant challenge in the pre-Covid19 era, now being confronted with Covid-19 and its consequences (i.e., local lockdowns, travel limitations, and other preventive measures), this has become even more a struggle. In the current situation, the time to market of new instore campaigns is drastically increasing and has become the weakest link in achieving a successful marketing campaign.

Global impact through local control

What would it be like if you could roll out an instore campaign internationally in just 3 to 4 days? Local production, limited distribution of materials, and quick assembly and installation at the location by specialized, local teams. Not only would the carbon footprint of your campaign drop dramatically (especially in case foreign workforces are brought in to install), you would also save a significant amount of time. Furthermore, in case labor from abroad is used, you would no longer have to spend sums of money on travel and accommodation costs.

Utopia? No!

As a leading versatile brand services provider, RGN has a network of more than 1,000 local specialists (and growing) around the world to support you in implementing your instore campaign successfully. Besides bringing in our knowledge, expertise, and ‘local heroes’ network, we will also deploy our proprietary, cloud-based tooling for central control and keeping you – real-time – informed about progress and results, wherever in the process. We will bring your campaign concept to life! Regardless of whether this is in Milan, Salzburg, Seville, or in New York, Singapore or Tokyo.

Let us know your campaign roll-out challenges, and we can quickly inform you about how we could overcome these and provide a preliminary roll-out planning and cost estimate.

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