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A strong healthcare brand as a foundation for attracting qualified staff

Shortages in the labour market cause a lack of qualified personnel in many sectors, among which the healthcare sector. In the second quarter of 2018, there were more than 31,000 vacancies in the Netherlands. And in the US they expect a shortage of more than 120,000 employees by 2030. This lack of personnel...

Hoe een sterk merk bijdraagt aan patiëntenbinding

How a strong brand contributes to patient retention

In the 'old days' you could not choose, you just went to the nearest hospital and to the trusted family doctor. Nowadays, the patient is transformed into an informed healthcare consumer. For whom distance, habit, convenience, and even costs are no longer decisive. The choice of a hospital or specialist...

radboudumc rebranding kleding

Is there a link between branding and the quality of healthcare?

In the past five years, we at RGN have rebranded many hospitals and healthcare institutions. Often as a result of a merger or repositioning. However, at a number of other healthcare organisations, we did not get beyond a strategic preliminary process. The process led to a discussion with the...