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Beyond the corona crisis: towards a green fashion sector.

Seize on the corona crisis and take major, sustainable steps in the fashion industry. The time is right. Prominent players like Burberry, the H&M Group, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are convinced of this. In an open letter, they call on fashion brands to take action to ensure that...

Wat zijn de huidige coronamaatregelen?

Deliverability impact of projects EU

Due to the COVID-19 / Corona situation, these are challenging times for especially the retail sector. Every country in Europe has its own approach, restrictions and possibilities. From total lockdown in Southern Europe to much more freedom in Scandinavia, a significant diversity of measures to contain this pandemic. Responding to...

DSTRCT74 | Breaam

RGN is moving to DSTRCT/74 in Hengelo!

In a few months time, RGN brand identity services will be relocating its headquarters from its current location in Almelo to Hengelo (the Netherlands)! The aim is to be operational as of July 1st, 2020 at the new location called ‘DSTRCT/74’. This move will accommodate RGN’s future growth and...

RGN and Corona

All developments, messaging, discussions, concerns and measures surrounding the outbreak of Corona lead to ambiguity and uncertainty. At RGN we are also faced with many questions. Which activities should be postponed and, especially, which can continue? Fortunately, many activities can advance (but are executed in an alternative way). So,...

Employees make (or break) the new corporate identity

A true story: an organisation cancelled the total corporate identity implementation just one week before launch. The reason: they had not yet informed all employees. So, suppliers and installers of all kinds of branded products had to be called off and the implementation was postponed. Fortunately, this does not happen...