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Who we are

We have been the business partner of international brands since 1997. We are project managers, brand consultants and specialists. By now, we have carried out more than 3,000 European projects in brand implementation and management. With a global network of 1,000 partners and offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Turkey, we are always close by. With our no-nonsense approach, we make your visual brand identity manageable, affordable and effective.

What we do

We analyse, implement, manage and maintain your corporate identity. We work with a team of specialists in which experience, knowledge and passion are key. Because we are not a design agency or supplier, we have a unique, independent position in the market. We make working with your corporate identity simple, enjoyable and manageable, within the constraints of the budget and the planning. With your knowledge of the market and your organisation and our knowledge of brands, project management and corporate identity implementation, together we add value to your brand.

Why we do it

We believe that the power of your visual identity and image lies in its coherent implementation. A powerful corporate identity that is professionally implemented strengthens your organisation, positioning, recognition and perception, and therefore your brand. Implementing campaigns or introducing a new corporate identity are costly, time-consuming and complex projects. Your organisation should experience working with the corporate identity as simple, pleasant and manageable. To support you in this, we specialise in everything corporate identity and brand-related. So you can continue to focus on your business operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As of March 2015, the RGN brand identity services head office in the Netherlands is certified: certification in quality management and safety, health and environment. With our certification, we show that we consider safe and healthy work important. With this, RGN underlines its expertise and reliability as a main contractor. We are aware of the safety requirements and regulations at work sites. We are able to adequately guide clients and subcontractors when it comes to meeting safety requirements.

Sustainable by method

RGN takes good care of people and the environment. We are active at the heart of projects, and therefore RGN is in a position to play a strong advisory role in sustainability. Environmentally friendly materialisation, setting up recycling and reuse programmes, reducing CO2 emissions, employing people with a distance to the labour market. Our customers often have one important aspect in common: the desire to make business processes more sustainable. And our developed working methods contribute to the ambitions of our customers and suppliers.

ISO 9001:2015

RGN has an excellent functioning quality management system. With this, we guarantee and improve processes, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction. This is achieved by complying with customer requirements and with laws and regulations, and by continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

VCA** 2008/5.1

The VCA certificate focuses on safety, health and environment. Thanks to our CCA certificate, we lay the foundation for safe and healthy working every day. All our project managers are VCA-VOL certified. They can therefore adequately supervise subcontractors when it comes to meeting safety requirements.

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